What’s next for your communications?

The future is closer than you think

Utilities are seeking to improve customer experiences by leveraging their customer communications and attempting to create synergies between customer needs and internal requirements. While balancing those elements requires focus and resources today, how do utilities prepare for the future to achieve their business results?

Look at the evolution of bills… Wait. Bills haven’t really evolved over the years.  In most cases, they have been and continue to be 8 ½ x 11” receipts with a list of products, services and charges.  They don’t typically provide a positive customer experience; they may generate unnecessary and expensive calls to the call center; and they often aren’t being leveraged to promote, educate and influence customer behavior to their full potential.

Bills are overdue for disruption.

Try to imagine what bills will look like in 5-7 years – yes, 2025 is around the corner! Broadridge recently launched the first-ever “Future of Communications” challenge to help design the future state of customer communications – from focusing on the integration of physical and digital to using data to reimagine the digital experience. These designs are insightful, creative and inspiring – for both consumers and companies. They apply practical innovations of what every-day life will look like – and what your customers will expect in just a few years.

If you are interested in receiving the “Future of Communications” report that captures the designs, insights and lessons, and practical recommendations for what you can do today to prepare for tomorrow, please send me an email.

While the year 2025 may seem far off, there are steps utilities can take today to better prepare for the future. I’ll be sharing insights on this topic during my EMACS presentation on Wednesday, October 11 at 10:15am.

If you’d like to discuss your company’s specific communications strategy and challenges, please come see me at booth #39 -40. We can talk about your current state and the steps you can take to be ready for next.  (While there, be sure to check the EMACS app for our secret word – hint: it’s “INNOVATE” – and enter our raffle to win some great prizes.)  See you in Phoenix!

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