Use What You Have to Grow eAdoption

You’ve established your eAdoption goal and even decided on a few strategies for converting customers to digital, but how do you align your strategies with your marketing budget?  That’s a common question for many companies as they launch their eAdoption initiatives with limited budgetary resources.

Customer Communications eAdoption process

Customer Communications eAdoption process


At our recent webinar, “How Effective is Your eAdoption Strategy?”, guest speaker Tammie Calys from Transformation Management Consulting and Jeff Musgrove from Broadridge shared recommendations for how to maximize your marketing dollars in order to reach your eAdoption goals.

“To capitalize on your budget, take advantage of your existing print,” advised Tammie. “You already have bills or statements going out to customers today, so leverage them to promote their electronic counterparts.” One example is using onserts.  Unlike printed inserts that can be lost in the envelope, onserts are messages that appear on the actual bill or statement.  Printing a QR code on your bill or statement, even the send and remit envelopes, are other ways of leveraging your existing printed communications.

“Broadridge has a unique capability called Hot Notes,” shared Tammie. “It’s basically a removable die-cut area that’s built right into the envelope itself, and the cool thing about it is that it can be removed and used like a sticky note.”  Hear Jeff explain how one customer of Broadridge exponentially grew their eAdoption rates in six months using Hot Notes in this two-minute recording.


Another existing channel you can leverage is electronic bills or e-bills.  You can enhance the notification that you’re already sending, whether it’s via email or text, by including links to access and pay the bills within that notification.  You can also use your electronic payment page on your website to capture consents.  “At the end of a payment process as the customer is getting confirmation that their payment has been received, consider redirecting that customer to a landing page where you can promote your e-bill offering,” suggested Tammie.  “You can promote a recurring payment option or, at the very least, capture their email address at that point in time, so that you’ve got an opportunity to interact with them in a more electronic fashion going forward.”

Remember that your website is also a powerful way to increase adoption, but you need to make it easy for your customers.  “For many industries, the number one reason why customers go to a company’s website is to access their bill or to make a payment; however, I cannot tell you the number of companies that we have gone into where finding the links to access an electronic statement or to make a payment was like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Tammie shared. Your website should have a clearly visible link for electronic consent, billing, and payment options, so your customers can access what they need in one click.

Tammie also suggests your website include a detailed description of your digital services and their benefits, along with an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  “Go beyond the typical initial enrollment process questions and think about operational questions, such as ‘How do I setup a recurring payment? How do I go back and retrieve a statement that’s six month’s old?’” This will eliminate call center inquires while keeping your customers engaged with your website longer.

Combined, these approaches can help you stretch your eAdoption marketing dollars by taking advantage of the customer communications you have in place today.

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