Today’s Digital Customer Experience Trends and Drivers

Digital, specifically mobile, drove consumer expectations in 2015 and will continue this year according to guest presenter Allegra  Burnette, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. at our recent webinar, “Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2016.

“I think one of the biggest drivers we will see in 2016 is the use of APIs, or application program interfaces, which are really at the heart of the interface layer because they allow sharing of features and information across platforms, while preserving ownership of proprietary information,” stated Allegra.

Other drivers include natural language interfaces and voice biometrics.  Natural language interfaces (e.g., Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Now, and OnStar) have moved from the sci-fi realm to being a common feature on many consumer products and are well on their way to becoming a given, not a differentiator.  “Just as mobile changed customers’ expectations of contextually-driven experiences, natural language interfaces will change customers’ expectations of personalized, on-demand and immediate responses,” stated Allegra.  “Voice biometrics will also play a role in customer convenience, security, and support.”

If APIs, natural language interfaces and voice biometrics are the drivers we can expect to see in 2016, what trends will result in the year ahead?

“2016 is really about moving away from these disparate products and services toward an ecosystem of linked and blended experiences that cross both company and channel boundaries, as well as digitally-enabled personal assistants that cater to personal needs,” shared Allegra.

Listen to this 6-minute recording of companies that are delivering blended experiences and digital personal assistants – the trends we anticipate seeing more of in 2016.

Blended experiences are created when different companies —like a brick and mortar retail store partnering with a digitally native service — join together to expand their offering and improve their end-to-end experience.

Digital personal assistants, whether in the form of a robot or an app that makes personalized recommendations, combine technology and human assistance  with the goal of making life easier and circumventing issues before they arise.

These two trends – blended experiences and personal assistants – help give rise to an ecosystem of services and products in 2016.

Click here for the full webinar recording.