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5 Steps You Can Take Now to Better Target Millennials

It’s clear that with their game-changing influence and investment outlook, Millennials are requiring companies to rethink their business and develop creative strategies. This final blog of our five-part series based on our white paper Targeting the Digital Generation will provide the steps you can take now to better target Millennials. 5 Steps for Targeting Millennials: […]

How to Develop a Strategy for Millennials

To position your company for success in the future, you need to start developing a “Millennial-proof” strategy now. This may require fundamental business shifts and adaptation – from products to selling approaches, business models, technology use, and marketing plans. It’s really important for companies to leverage technology to connect with Millennials in the places where […]

How the Investment Outlook of Millennials is Different from Prior Generations

Millennials know more about investing – including financial issues about risk, returns, diversification, and global markets – than other generations. According to our white paper Targeting the Digital Generation, Millennials’ are financially literate on many levels: they realize that investment costs matter as much as returns, that index funds typically do as well as active […]

Why Millennials are Game-Changers

Millennials, born between the years 1981 to 1999, are the biggest generation ever in North America – and they are quickly amassing wealth. They represent 11% of high-net-worth households in the U.S., according to U.S. Trust, “High-Net-Worth Millennials, 2014.” Putting their economic clout aside, their distinct behaviors and outspoken passions make them major influencers of […]

To Reach Millennials, Rethink (Almost) Everything

While high-tech is a given, high-touch still matters to Millennials. Millennials. Whether you are one, you know one, or you live with one, that word may conjure up a few images, emotions, and thoughts. Millennials, born between the years 1981 to 1999, are the biggest generation ever in North America. They are the first to […]