Q&A: 3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys

At our recent webinar “3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys,” guest speaker Tony Costa from Forrester Research, Inc. tackled a variety of questions from companies looking to optimize their customers’ cross-touchpoint journeys.  Cross-touchpoint journeys are comprised of multichannel customer interactions across the entire customer lifecycle – and the goal is to make these journeys seamless, relevant, and positive for your customers.

Listen to this 10-minute video to hear the answers to these questions:

  1. How do you create a business case for investing in optimizing cross-touchpoint journeys?
  2. Why do I need to understand customer journeys? Can’t I just focus on the most common touchpoint combinations?
  3. It’s recommended that we focus our efforts on our customers’ tasks and interactions. What about actions we want to drive (e.g., upsell, education, paperless adoption)?  How do we best support and coordinate those efforts, especially from online to offline?
  4. Which journeys are most important – ones that are most relevant to the customer or most relevant to the brand?

Click here for the full webinar recording.