Practical Tactics for Growing eAdoption

After setting a realistic eAdoption goal, the next step is to define your strategy for growing eAdoption.  Guest speaker Tammie Calys from Transformation Management Consulting and Jeff Musgrove from Broadridge discussed strategic tactics for increasing eAdoption at our recent webinar, “How Effective is Your eAdoption Strategy”?

Customer Communications eAdoption process

Customer Communications eAdoption process


“Looking at your customer segmentations, or strata, is necessary to ensuring your campaign approach aligns with customer expectations, both in messaging and in delivery methods,” stated Tammie. Customer strata may differ by industry, but common ones include age, gender, and geographic location.

When it comes to your customer strata, a tactic that Tammie suggests for developing your eAdoption strategy is asking these two questions:

  1. What are the key benefits that would compel those customers to move to electronic and suppress paper?
  2. What are the key concerns of those customers that may be creating resistance for moving forward with paper suppression?

You can demonstrate that you truly understand your customers by outlining the benefits to be achieved and acknowledging the concerns that exist relative to moving to digital from their perspective. Listen to Tammie explain how to execute targeted eAdoption campaigns using customer strata in this three-minute video.


Another tactic is to include a respond by date.  According to Tammie, “As humans, we have become programmed to respond to deadlines, so including a simple ‘Response due by, need your action by, complete by, action required by…’ can increase your response rate exponentially.”

Tammie also recommends providing an enrollment avenue that allows customers to take action in the moment, like printing a QR code on a statement or including a dynamic link on your digital bill that takes your customer directly to an enrollment site.  “If your enrollment process requires a few steps, like asking a customer to go to your website, you will lose approximately 40-50% of your population,” shared Tammie.  The key is to make it convenient and simple.

If you are considering a mass campaign that will appeal to a variety of customers rather than targeting your customer strata, the top two eAdoption benefits that you can weave into your messaging are 1) ease of converting, and 2) convenience of accessing digital communications and making electronic payments.  On the flip side, record retention is a common concern for many customers regardless of their demographics.  Tammie advises, “As part of your mass marketing messaging, make sure you’re communicating what the ability is for your customers to retrieve information, so that doesn’t present a barrier to their willingness to give up paper.”

While external messaging is critical to converting customers to digital, internal messaging cannot be overlooked.  Customer-facing departments (e.g., Customer Care, Collections, and Sales) are a critical component in extending your adoption reach as customers tend to listen and be persuaded by another human more so than a written communication or a prerecorded voice message.

When it comes to your internal teams, supply them with very specific information about your digital service offerings, including the benefits to your customers, and remember to continue your training efforts.

Every customer interaction you have is an opportunity to promote your digital capabilities and grow your eAdoption.

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