How are Your eAdoption Efforts Measuring Up?

Your eAdoption campaign efforts are well underway. You defined your goals, managed internal change, executed sound strategies, and captured metrics. Do your metrics offer you the insights you need to further refine your ongoing eAdoption efforts or are they merely numbers?

“When it comes to measuring eAdoption, there are multiple levels to consider,” shared Tammie Calys, President at Transformation Management Consulting, at our recent webinar, “How Effective is Your eAdoption Strategy?” Companies need to conduct root-cause analyses of their eAdoption metrics to truly understand the data and define actions in order to refine their strategies.

Customer Communications eAdoption process

Customer Communications eAdoption process


“To support the measurement process adequately, we normally encourage companies to find process owners within their organization that have responsibility for three things: understanding the changing customer base, determining if the messaging aligns with ever-changing customer strata,  and ongoing measuring and monitoring of campaign results,” stated Tammie. “The root-cause analysis should then be shared by the process owners with the overall team, and the team can then determine how those strategies need to be refined over time.”

The root-cause analysis delivers two insights: 1) which campaigns are being successful and which ones aren’t, and 2) are there other customer segments that can be targeted using the same strategy in order to drive results at a faster pace. By examining what is working and what is not, you can stretch your marketing budget and achieve greater success.

From an internal perspective, your measurement efforts should also keep a pulse on employee turnover, so you can evaluate when additional training is necessary to help keep your employees informed and engaged with promoting your digital capabilities and the benefits they bring to the customer base.

Hear Tammie share how companies can overcome their eAdoption challenges in this three-minute video.


Many companies struggle with launching their eAdoption initiatives and maintaining their stride.  External resources can bring a fresh view and fill in areas that may be lacking within an organization.  “It’s not unusual for companies to lack the time, resources, and expertise to execute their eAdoption plan,” stated Tammie.  “External eAdoption specialists can provide a unique view, adoption insight, customer stratification expertise, and landscape knowledge to help set initial goals.”

Regardless of how you manage your eAdoption efforts, it is an ongoing iterative process that delivers greater results when incorporated into your normal business strategy.

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