It seems a bit ironic to implement a print solution to increase the number of customers who consent to electronic delivery. But that’s the reality of today’s business world – where we use different channels of delivery to achieve cross-channel results.

That’s just what one DST Output client did in implementing an innovative and interactive product we call Hot Note® envelopes. And perhaps it’s not so much ironic as it is smart, logical, and, as the client directly stated, “creative and ingenious.”

Using Hot Note envelopes, the client:

  • More than doubled the number of electronic consents in the first two months
  • Doubled the numbers again by the end of their six-month Hot Note campaign
  • Exceeded their goal of a 10 percent adoption rate
  • Reduced paper consumption and will ultimately save print-and-mail costs while simultaneously promoting their company’s environmental practices

What are Hot Note envelopes?

Imagine an envelope with a sticky note built in. Your custom message is printed on a die-cut section of the envelope wall, yet it is easily peeled off and able to adhere to virtually any surface as a visual reminder. Your customers can take off the Hot Note and stick it anywhere they want (computer monitor, fridge, keyboard, etc.) to remind themselves to act, whether that’s to give consent for eDelivery, place an order, upgrade services or something else.

Ultimately, you can leverage what’s already getting into your customers’ hands (the envelope) to send your message. It’s a fantastic call to action.

Envelope structure and processing remain intact

The production of Hot Note envelopes is accomplished through the use of clear or paper patches to retain the security and integrity of the envelope structure, as well as the privacy of the contents inside. The resulting envelopes are certified for our processes and equipment, including those that print, prepare and deliver mail trays directly in to the U.S. Postal Service® mail stream.

Get more from your current communications

Hot Note envelopes continue to demonstrate versatility and success as a means for our clients to effectively engage and interact with their customers. Ultimately, Hot Note envelopes help you drive the right actions for your customers. Tell us what you think, ask us any questions you have, and share your ideas in the comment section below on how Hot Note envelopes could benefit you.