Digital Delivery Channel Preferences Revealed

Congratulations!  You reached your eAdoption goal. You launched your mobile app.  Your digital platform is supporting your customers and your business needs.  You can sit back and relax.


At our recent webinar “The Results are In! Transactional Communications Market Survey 2015” with Matt Swain, Director at InfoTrends, and Jeff Musgrove, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Execution, we discussed how email isn’t necessarily meeting customer needs, the main reasons customers use mobile apps, and the future of wearable technology.

Digital Delivery Channel Preferences Revealed

Digital Delivery Channel Preferences Revealed


When asked about their strategy for electronic delivery in the 2015 Transactional Communications Market Survey, 52% of businesses prefer to send their customers a link to the content and 30% prefer to deliver the actual content. However, most consumers want the opposite of what they are receiving. When asked about their email preferences, 45% of consumers want to receive the content and 31% want a link to access the content.

Listen to Matt explain the survey findings for mobile apps and wearables in this 2-minute video.

Some companies are more conservative and want their customers to log-in before they can access their content; it’s also an opportunity to upsell their customers via online promotions. Other companies prefer to email the content directly in order to meet customer preferences. “Ultimately, it may depend on what your legal and compliance team feels is the right approach,” stated Matt Swain.

The InfoTrends survey also asked consumers about the main reasons they download mobile apps. The top purposes are to review account balances (71%) and to make a payment (68%). “Consumers that are downloading apps are really focusing on paying their bills and reviewing their account balances,” summarized Matt. “What you don’t see is that in our previous research, bill pay was actually at 54%, so we’ve seen a 14-percentage point increase in bill pay via mobile app in just one year’s time.” This is a strong argument for businesses that are considering developing a mobile app with bill-pay functionality.

InfoTrends also included the topic of wearable technology in this year’s survey: “Do you think you will be accessing communications from your providers via wearable technology in three years?” Twelve percent of consumers – across all ages – said they would be. While there is potentially an opportunity for companies to interact with their customers via wearable technology, the screen size is a bit limiting for anything beyond a simple message (e.g., “Your bill is ready”, “Pay now”, etc.)

Whether email delivery, mobile apps or wearables, companies are seeking ways to engage their customers and customers are seeking ways of making their lives easier.

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