Many companies surveyed found that ultimately, compliance requirements didn’t change their campaigns or their adoption tactics, even when they felt they were pushing the boundaries.  Surprising, right?

This was one of the many findings in the recently published DALBAR 2011 e-Delivery Benchmarks report which will be the topic of our August 25 DST Output Presents Webinar.

I was excited to review my copy because I hoped that someone out there had found the perfect solution to increase electronic adoption among their consumers.  Well, unfortunately, as we all know, it’s not that simple.   However, the report does a great job of outlining the situation, providing benchmarks, and frankly, debunking some myths.  DALBAR’s Cory Clark, a lead contributor to the report, will offer attendees the opportunity to receive a great summary review of the findings, and ask questions of him.

Feel free to share your adoption or compliance experience below!