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The 5 Cs of Member Communications

It’s time to engage patients and members by transforming your communications with the 5Cs: consistent, continuity, context, content-rich and creative. Read about the 5 Cs in this paper and learn how to deliver patient- and member-centric communications. DOWNLOAD THE PAPER  

Communicating with Customers in Context

Communicating with Customers in Context

Leading companies realize the best way to engage customers and win their loyalty is to communicate in context. Context helps companies understand the human components of a customer’s situation: that unique combination of mood, intent, location, past history, personal preferences and affinities that meet a specific customer need at a specific moment. Download the white […]

The 5 Cs of Customer Communications

Companies must unify their communications to create customer experiences that are consistent, continuous, contextual, content-rich, and creative. These “5 Cs” of customer communications ensure that communications support the customer journey. Our new white paper, The 5 Cs of Customer Communications, explains how a unified communications strategy can impact the overall customer experience and generate positive […]

Enhancing Your eAdoption Strategy

The potential to entice customers to “go paperless” is very attractive to many organizations as they seek ways to reduce costs while improving the customer experience; however, many companies have reached an eAdoption plateau, falling victim to common pitfalls. Our white paper, Enhancing Your eAdoption Strategy, can help you: Define an eAdoption strategy with realistic […]