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How Do Disruptive Technologies Impact Customer Communications?

From wearables and personalized videos to mobile eco-systems and voice command, technology is dramatically changing how we think about customer communications, according to guest speaker Matt Swain, Senior Director of Customer Communications Advisory Services at Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, at our recent webinar, “What’s Next in Customer Communications?” To start, there’s a shift to even more mobile […]

Top 5 Trends in Customer Communications

With the promise of increased customer loyalty and wallet share, many companies seek to offer their customers a superior experience by combining the right content and channels at the right time. However, due to seemingly ever-changing customer preferences, attitudes, needs and behaviors, turning this vision into a reality can be a struggle. To help our […]

Q&A: How Communications Impact Your Member Experience Strategy

Health care payers and providers are focused on improving consumer centricity while, at the same time, working to digitize patient engagement and communications. These parallel trends are setting the stage for a transformation of member and patient communications. To learn more about how communications impact the member experience, SmartBrief recently interviewed Jeremy Urbas, vice president of […]

5 Steps You Can Take Now to Better Target Millennials

It’s clear that with their game-changing influence and investment outlook, Millennials are requiring companies to rethink their business and develop creative strategies. This final blog of our five-part series based on our white paper Targeting the Digital Generation will provide the steps you can take now to better target Millennials. 5 Steps for Targeting Millennials: […]

How to Develop a Strategy for Millennials

To position your company for success in the future, you need to start developing a “Millennial-proof” strategy now. This may require fundamental business shifts and adaptation – from products to selling approaches, business models, technology use, and marketing plans. It’s really important for companies to leverage technology to connect with Millennials in the places where […]

How the Investment Outlook of Millennials is Different from Prior Generations

Millennials know more about investing – including financial issues about risk, returns, diversification, and global markets – than other generations. According to our white paper Targeting the Digital Generation, Millennials’ are financially literate on many levels: they realize that investment costs matter as much as returns, that index funds typically do as well as active […]

Why Millennials are Game-Changers

Millennials, born between the years 1981 to 1999, are the biggest generation ever in North America – and they are quickly amassing wealth. They represent 11% of high-net-worth households in the U.S., according to U.S. Trust, “High-Net-Worth Millennials, 2014.” Putting their economic clout aside, their distinct behaviors and outspoken passions make them major influencers of […]

The Next Frontier of Data and Analytics for Building Brand Engagement

Companies continue to overlook the most powerful way to engage customers and increase brand loyalty. I shared this fact in a recent Payment Week article, The Next Frontier of Data and Analytics for Building Brand Engagement. Essential customer communications – bills, statements, regulatory communications, etc. – typically account for more consumer engagement than any single […]

To Reach Millennials, Rethink (Almost) Everything

While high-tech is a given, high-touch still matters to Millennials. Millennials. Whether you are one, you know one, or you live with one, that word may conjure up a few images, emotions, and thoughts. Millennials, born between the years 1981 to 1999, are the biggest generation ever in North America. They are the first to […]

8 Tips for Engaging Customers with Your Digital Communications

Keanon Swan, a leading print and digital communications consultant, outlined the eight best practices of using your company’s communications to deepen relationships with customers. He advises company’s to execute the following: Start with trust. Provide accuracy and simplicity. Archive for your customers. Complete the digital experience with payments. Make digital a superior experience. Recognize digital […]

Q&A: 3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys

At our recent webinar “3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys,” guest speaker Tony Costa from Forrester Research, Inc. tackled a variety of questions from companies looking to optimize their customers’ cross-touchpoint journeys.  Cross-touchpoint journeys are comprised of multichannel customer interactions across the entire customer lifecycle – and the goal is to make these journeys seamless, […]

Three Rules for Building Cross-Touchpoint Experiences

Offering a seamless customer experience across touchpoints is important to your customers and your business, but how do you anticipate and develop experiences that span across the various touchpoints? At our recent webinar “3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys,” guest speaker Tony Costa from Forrester Research, Inc. identified three rules for building cross-touchpoint experiences. Three Rules […]

What Are Your Customers Doing?

Today’s customer journeys are complex.  As customers make their way through their interactions and tasks by engaging in a variety of touchpoints – both offline and online – companies are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver a seamless multi-touch experience. We explored this topic at our recent webinar “3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys” with […]

Q&A: The Value of Contextual Communications

At our recent webinar The Value of Contextual Communication, guest speaker Anjali Lai, Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. tackled a variety of questions from companies looking to understand the business impacts of successfully delivering contextual communications. Listen to this 8-minute video to hear the answers to these questions: How can service providers strike the correct balance between […]

Discover the Business Benefits of Contextual Communications

What happens when you follow the three steps to successful contextual communications? “Contextual communication drives a feeling of being valued and trusting the brand relationship, which drives customer behavior at every single phase of the purchase journey or the customer lifecycle,” shared guest speaker Anjali Lai, Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., at our recent webinar […]