Build Customer Loyalty in Unexpected Ways

“If you look at the evolution of communication channel strategies, we’ve gone from single channel to multichannel; multichannel is the reality for many companies today, with various channels acting independently,” shared Matt Swain, Director at InfoTrends, at our recent webinar “The Results are In! Transactional Communications Market Survey 2015.” “From there, cross-channel is the aspiration; customers see multiple touchpoints as part of the same brand. Omni-channel is the nirvana, where customers experience a brand and not a channel within a brand. From a brand perspective, companies are leveraging a single view of their customer in a coordinated and strategic way. This comes back to preference management and making sure that all content delivery is coordinated.”

Hear Matt explain how customers responded when asked about ways companies can increase their loyalty and engagement in this 1-minute recording.

In the 2015 Transactional Communications Market Survey, consumers were asked how providers could increase their loyalty and engagement.  The most popular response at 47% – “Give me discounts on new products and services” – may not be a surprise.  However, the other responses may be items you overlooked when it comes to the impact they can have on customer loyalty and engagement.

  • “Let me select my communication preferences.” (34%)
  • “Add more payment options.” (27%)
  • “Personalize my experience.” (27%)
  • “Keep my electronic documents longer.” (22%)
  • “Deliver a seamless experience across products and services.” (21%)
  • “Improve my mobile experience.” (19%)

If you aren’t already addressing some of these areas, you may want to consider doing so in 2016 to improve the customer experience and increase customer engagement.

Matt summarizes the 2015 Transactional Communications Market Survey in these three points:

  1. Paperless delivery expectations continue to soar. Without a transformative approach to the market in place, business expectations for customer adoption are overly aggressive.
  2. Physical mail will continue to be a primary delivery channel. While transactional print is in decline, it should not be dismissed. Ensure that the channel is being optimized.
  3. Expand and optimize delivery and payment channels. Customers want their providers to offer more ways to interact with their communications; however, they are also craving better alternatives, which require a commitment to each channel.

Consider the whole customer life cycle as you think about improving your customer communications and remember your transactional communications (bills and statements) are read more than any other communication you send.  Make every connection count.

Click here for the full webinar recording.