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How Do Disruptive Technologies Impact Customer Communications?

From wearables and personalized videos to mobile eco-systems and voice command, technology is dramatically changing how we think about customer communications, according to guest speaker Matt Swain, Senior Director of Customer Communications Advisory Services at Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, at our recent webinar, “What’s Next in Customer Communications?” To start, there’s a shift to even more mobile […]

Top 5 Trends in Customer Communications

With the promise of increased customer loyalty and wallet share, many companies seek to offer their customers a superior experience by combining the right content and channels at the right time. However, due to seemingly ever-changing customer preferences, attitudes, needs and behaviors, turning this vision into a reality can be a struggle. To help our […]

The Next Frontier of Data and Analytics for Building Brand Engagement

Companies continue to overlook the most powerful way to engage customers and increase brand loyalty. I shared this fact in a recent Payment Week article, The Next Frontier of Data and Analytics for Building Brand Engagement. Essential customer communications – bills, statements, regulatory communications, etc. – typically account for more consumer engagement than any single […]