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Webinar: Move Transactional Communications from Print to Digital

Craig Le Clair, guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc., shared best practices for how to move transactional communications, such as monthly bills and statements, from print to digital at our webinar “Move Transactional Communications from Print to Digital.” This webinar features: Best practices for converting transactional communications from print to digital How to deliver consistent […]

Webinar: Using CCM to Build the Omni-channel Experience

“Companies need to shift their thinking about processes to what the newly enabled consumer – with their smart device or their tablet – is really expecting from a customer experience,” stated guest speaker Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., at our webinar “Using Customer Communications Management (CCM) to Build […]

Webinar: Healthcare in the Age of the Customer

“Healthcare in the Age of the Customer” takes a fresh look at the healthcare market in the age of the customer, covering trends and strategies in mobile channels, big data, and integrated digital delivery platforms. You’ll also learn more about facilitating customer journeys to enhance outcomes and drive down the cost of care while embracing […]

Webinar: Using Email to Drive Customer Engagement and Desired Actions

Are you still treating transactional emails to your customers as simple notifications? When you consider transactional messages get opened almost four times each, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Transactional emails can be transformed into dynamic, multipurpose communications to promote, educate, solicit consent, build brand awareness and drive new revenue opportunities. View our webinar “Using […]

Webinar: Weaning Financial Services Customers Off Paper Statements

Despite the increase in eDelivery sign ups, financial services customers are still attached to their paper statements. It’s not a case of receiving all digital or all paper financial documents – they want both. To help get your customers to let go of paper, view our webinar, “Weaning Financial Services Customers Off Paper Statements,” with […]

Webinar: Advanced Communications Solutions in Insurance: Managing Across the Customer Life Cycle

From prospect to referral, managing multi-channel communications across the customer lifecycle isn’t easy for insurance carriers or their agents. At our webinar, “Advanced Communications Solutions in Insurance: Managing Across the Customer Life Cycle,” Mark Breading, guest speaker from Strategy Meets Action, a strategic advisory firm to the insurance industry, shares how to: Improve your electronic […]