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Webinar: What’s Next in Customer Communications?

How will your customers want to communicate in 2020? What can you do to improve your print communications? How can you incentivize customers to go paperless? Find out at our webinar on Wednesday, April 5 at 10am PT/1pm ET with Matt Swain from Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends and Rob Krugman from Broadridge as we reveal […]

Communicating with Customers in Context

Communicating with Customers in Context

Leading companies realize the best way to engage customers and win their loyalty is to communicate in context. Context helps companies understand the human components of a customer’s situation: that unique combination of mood, intent, location, past history, personal preferences and affinities that meet a specific customer need at a specific moment. Download the white […]

8 Tips for Engaging Customers with Your Digital Communications

Keanon Swan, a leading print and digital communications consultant, outlined the eight best practices of using your company’s communications to deepen relationships with customers. He advises company’s to execute the following: Start with trust. Provide accuracy and simplicity. Archive for your customers. Complete the digital experience with payments. Make digital a superior experience. Recognize digital […]

The 5 Cs of Customer Communications

Companies must unify their communications to create customer experiences that are consistent, continuous, contextual, content-rich, and creative. These “5 Cs” of customer communications ensure that communications support the customer journey. Our new white paper, The 5 Cs of Customer Communications, explains how a unified communications strategy can impact the overall customer experience and generate positive […]

Enhancing Your eAdoption Strategy

The potential to entice customers to “go paperless” is very attractive to many organizations as they seek ways to reduce costs while improving the customer experience; however, many companies have reached an eAdoption plateau, falling victim to common pitfalls. Our white paper, Enhancing Your eAdoption Strategy, can help you: Define an eAdoption strategy with realistic […]

Webinar: 3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys

At our webinar, “3 Rules for Optimizing Cross-Touchpoint Journeys,” guest speaker Tony Costa from Forrester Research, Inc. and Joe Lalli from Broadridge Customer Communications reviewed the current state of customer experience and the value of shifting from managing individual customer interactions to a customer journey focus. View the webinar and discover: How customer expectations are […]

Webinar: The Value of Contextual Communication

Anjali Lai, guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc., shared her exclusive collection of research for the first time at our webinar, “The Value of Contextual Communication.” Contextual communications impact brand preference, customer spend, and brand advocacy. View the webinar to find out how you can greatly influence the customer experience and increase business results by […]

Webinar: Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2016

How are emerging technologies affecting digital customer experiences? What can you do to deliver individualized experiences that meet your customers’ growing digital expectations? At our webinar “Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2016,” Allegra Burnette, guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc., answered these questions and shared the latest digital customer experience trends from her research. View […]

Webinar: How Effective is Your eAdoption Strategy?

The potential to entice customers to “go paperless” is very attractive to many organizations as they seek ways to drive down customer service costs. Digital communication has the potential to reduce costs – particularly in light of rising postal rates – and, at the same time, it has the potential to actually improve the customer […]

Webinar: The results are in! Transactional Communications Market Survey 2015

Matt Swain, Director at InfoTrends – the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the imaging, document solutions, production print, and digital media industries – presented findings that cover many facets of the North American customer communications market at our webinar, “The results are in! Transactional Communications Market Survey 2015,” including: Top business […]

Webinar: Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2015 and Beyond

Many companies are striving to achieve greater lifetime customer value by developing emotional connections with their customers, engaging in personalized interactions, and giving their customers active control of their own experiences. We cover all of these topics and more at our webinar, “Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2015 and Beyond,” with Allegra Burnette, guest speaker from […]

Webinar: Move Transactional Communications from Print to Digital

Craig Le Clair, guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc., shared best practices for how to move transactional communications, such as monthly bills and statements, from print to digital at our webinar “Move Transactional Communications from Print to Digital.” This webinar features: Best practices for converting transactional communications from print to digital How to deliver consistent […]

Webinar: Using CCM to Build the Omni-channel Experience

“Companies need to shift their thinking about processes to what the newly enabled consumer – with their smart device or their tablet – is really expecting from a customer experience,” stated guest speaker Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., at our webinar “Using Customer Communications Management (CCM) to Build […]

Webinar: Healthcare in the Age of the Customer

“Healthcare in the Age of the Customer” takes a fresh look at the healthcare market in the age of the customer, covering trends and strategies in mobile channels, big data, and integrated digital delivery platforms. You’ll also learn more about facilitating customer journeys to enhance outcomes and drive down the cost of care while embracing […]