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What’s next for your communications?

The future is closer than you think Utilities are seeking to improve customer experiences by leveraging their customer communications and attempting to create synergies between customer needs and internal requirements. While balancing those elements requires focus and resources today, how do utilities prepare for the future to achieve their business results? Look at the evolution […]

Start with this Existing Communication to Enhance the Customer Experience

Utilities are in a unique position of supporting the entire customer experience lifecycle and this impacts every aspect of their business: from the field to the call center, from the monthly bill to emergency outage notifications, from Demand-side Management (DSM) to Customer Information System (CIS) implementations. The single most influencing factor of customer experience is […]

Communication Trends for Utilities

Q&A with Adam Berke Thousands of professionals from utility companies all over the world gather once a year to catch up on customer service best practices at CS Week. It gives electric, gas and water/wastewater utilities the opportunity to hear from their peers and industry experts on topics ranging from A (Analytics) to Z (rate […]